The Story

It may or may not surprise you to learn that Superfrog was not always a frog.

He was once what all the best froggy heroes are nowadays... a prince. And he lived in the Enchanted Kingdom, which, as everyone knows, is what all the best princes live in. And completely by chance, he happened to chance upon a wicked Witch (surprise, surprise!)

Now you know these Witches. They all get the wrong end of the stick. And our Witch, tired of being stereotyped, decided to transform the prince into a frog and make off with his girlfriend.

Our hero enjoyed life as a frog, but it was quite annoying, when he thought of what the Witch had done. And anyway, he wanted his girlfriend back!

As complete luck would have it, a goblet full of a strange and powerful elixir floated down the stream towards the river bank where our friend was now living. He was intrigued. What was this strange thing? Where did it come from? What would it do if one were to drink some? So the prince drank. In fact, said elixir was indeed powerful, and provided huge powers and super levels of energy. You may know it as Lucozade, which is that name we have given it in modern times.

With boundless courage and dizzy new heights of determination, Superfrog set off towards the Magic Forest in order to find the golden key, and became the legend that we now know. Look out Witch, you're dealing with a slippery customer!...


The intro animation by Eric W. Schwartz, detailing this story, is available as a Shockwave Movie here!


Superfrog is attacked by a Ghost in the Witch's castle, but doesn't look worried!