Superfrog in Worms 3D


This is so blatantly a cynical attempt by Team17 to remind people that they actually made games other than the Worms franchise Ė by splicing an old character into one of their gamesÖ part of the Worms franchise. Rather ironic, donít you think?


Anyway, yeah, rant over, Superfrog appears in a cut-scene out of Worms 3D. A Worm playing the bongos gets hit by lightning and turned into Superfrog.


No, really, thatís what happens.






(Thanks to Squirminator2K for supplying me with these images and information too)


Thereís a video on YouTube here.


Having seen the animation myself, itís a little disappointing in some areas, and okay in others. On one hand, itís short, gives very little screen-time to Superfrog, and heís rather poorly-drawn in my opinion. Then again, itís a handy cameo for old-skool Team17 fans (oh my god, I actually just wrote Ďold-skoolí), and Superfrog has the same voice as he does in Worms Blast.


Itís rather cool, but not a necessary cameo.