What is Superfrog?

A few years ago, a number of games were produced by a small computer games company named Team17. These games were usually made for the Amiga system although a few were made for PCs. Team17 began with games like the boxing game Body Blows and the shoot-all-the-aliens-and-don't-get-killed type game Alien Breed.

Over time Team17 played around with different game types and they kept going until their big break came with the shoot-'em-up Worms.

However before Worms there were a few other games produced by Team17, and one of those was the highly acclaimed adventure platformer Superfrog.

I am a Superfrog fan and this site is dedicated to what I believe to be Team17's greatest game ever, criminally disregarded by some as being "just another platformer". If you also like Superfrog or other adventure platformers in general then you might like to join my Superfrog Club.