Superfrog's World

Superfrog's world is divided into six realms, each of which has 4 levels. Each of them Superfrog needs to travel through to reach the Witch at the end. Here is my analysis of them all.

The Enchanted Forest

Make your way to the perimeter of the Enchanted Forest and locate the Golden Key. The Golden Key is used to unlock the Witch's castle, incidentally.

This is the first realm in Superfrog's world.

At first, the Enchanted Forest is quite frustrating. It is quite repetitive but I suppose it's a good introduction to Superfrog. Coins are scattered everywhere and there is plenty of fruit around to get you lots of points. It will be quite hard when you start off, but these levels are fairly gentle so hopefully you won't have too many troubles.

Having found your way out of the Forest and located the golden key, you head for the Witch's castle and all that waits you inside…


The Spooky Castle

The Witch's castle is a dangerous place, and it's far too risky to hang around… you must move quickly to find out where the old crone has taken your girl!

This is a very enjoyable level… and there are really loads of enemies, they're absolutely everywhere! Most of them are indestructible, so you'll have to duck and dodge a bit. Spikes are making their way into prominence during this level, as is lava, so it'll be best to avoid both of those. Also, there are hidden "coin dispensers" to be found in here. Try jumping to bash the underside of some rings, paintings etc. on the wall, and collect the coins! You really do have to keep moving during some sections. Good luck.

Aaaargh… all this way just to find yourself captured by Colin the Troll! You are caged up and packed off to the circus, but as the carriage trundles off to Fun Land you have other ideas…


Fun Land

Escaping from your circus captors, you hear of a mysterious machine somewhere in Fun Land… it is your only hope of seeing your love once more.

This is probably the least fun world in the game. However, as you make your way through the vaguely easy levels, be careful to pay attention: you are going to be learning some vital skills. For a start, there is water in these levels, so you're going to have to get your froggy feet wet. Luckily, being a frog, you can swim, so it's quite easy to survive underwater for ever… or until your Lucozade runs out. You will also be learning to cope with extremes of hot and cold. Be prepared to do some skidding around on slippy-slidy-icy bits. And never, ever, ever touch the water dripping from pipes marked "HOT"! Once final thing… you'll be coping with travelling through Acme Big Sucking Things a lot. You'll need to turn them on (by finding switches) and even then, beware… they don't always lead you where you might expect…

Wow!! - a time machine!…. Intrigued, you step inside and press a large, friendly button with the word "Go" on it… let's take a trip to another dimension!


The Ancient Pyramid

Through the haze you begin to make out the ancient stonework and structures of this ancient place… a huge pyramid in the distance seems the only option…


Okay, so Egypt isn't strictly in the Magic Kingdom… so this really isn't in Superfrog's world, but no realms after this are going to be any more… anyway, the pyramid… you're going to have a good time in here! There are spikes absolutely everywhere, and lots of springs as well, and springs that hurl you into spikes, and spikes that are only passable by using springs… you get the idea. Thankfully, there are loads of bottles of Lucozade everywhere, so you hopefully won't run out of energy… unless you use up all your lives here, which is more likely. Oh, and you're going to need to throw a few switches to open a few doors. Don't worry… you're in for a treat soon.

These time machines work in weird and wacky ways… for one thing… they only work in one direction! Fear not though, as our ingenious froggy hero has fixed the machine to freeze him until he returns to the time from whence he came…


The Ice Caverns

As you begin to defrost, the huge ice caverns seem strangely inviting… it is only then that you realise that icy slopes and slippery frogs do not combine well!

(Thanks to Eirik Vea and Timothy Griffin for the screenshot)

Okay, so it's a very weak excuse for having a slippy-slidy ice world, but who cares? You're back in your own time anyway… This is definitely my favourite of all the worlds. The music is particularly good, and is reminiscent of some games today, like Super Mario 64, don't you think? There are loads and loads of dangers here, so be careful to avoid all the bad guys, spikes, pits, dead ends and an enemy who I'm sure Team17 would claim is not based on Sonic the Hedgehog! There is a lot of water here, but unlike that in Fun Land, this water is freezing cold, so it's deadly! Don't dive in at all! Invisibility Pills are everywhere, by the way. Oh, and keep moving. If you stand still you'll fall into something, I'm sure of it!

5…4…3…2…1! As the rocket blasts off you are headed for the Witch's base… deep in outer space! May the Force be with you!


The Space Level

Popping on your spacesuit, you make for the Witch's interstellar base!

This is a very hard world… but if you've paid attention, you'll walk the first three levels…

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