Superfrog in Worms Blast

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Worms Blast is a very simple game. You have a Worm (or other Worms related character) and your goal is to shoot blocks which descend from the sky with an array of different weapons including shotgun, bazooka, dynamite and laser (alas, no Spud). It’s great fun, and rather addictive.

Superfrog is a secret character (one of three), and will appear if you access the secret characters in Worms Blast.


Here are some various screenshots (duh!):



Something I personally found rather annoying about this game was Superfrog’s voice. The first time we all heard Mario’s voice was a bit disconcerting, but at least it has stayed consistent throughout all the games (and Luigi’s, too; both are played by Charles Martinet…). In Worms Blast, Superfrog’s voice is somewhat different from his voice in the Amiga Power Action Demo. Well, maybe I can overlook that… nah.


You can access the characters in two ways:

  1. Beat the entire game - complete it, totally, 100%.
  2. Cheat.


(PC Version): To access the hidden characters (Fletcher, Rocky and Superfrog), on the "Press Any Key" screen hold down Left Shift, and press the Up arrow four times, the Down arrow three times, and the Up arrow five times more (4xU, 3xD, 5xU).