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Miami Chase
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Dream17 says...
Team17's first commercially published title, published by Codemasters, no less. The press loved it, and one magazine referred to it as Codemasters' best title to date. I'm less convinced, having found the game to be disjointed and vague, like a bad 2D remake of Driver.

You are given a Mission Brief at the start of the level, usually about some criminal you are to track down, and then you are sent off on your merry way with no marker and no clue what you are supposed to do. You drive a police car not using the traditional "hold fire to accelrate, left and right to turn left and right" but rather the direction you point the joystick in moving your car in that direction. Which is odd.

The HUD for this game will look familar to anyone who has played any of the Alien Breed games, and it's possible that the first Alien Breed was built around the same engine.

This game wasn't really too enjoyable for me, yet it was one of the most popular titles of 1990. Go figure. Still, gotta love that 80s retro style soundtrack.


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Posted by Arve at 17/03/07 8:36pm CET

I never played this game, though I know Team17 as a quality gaming-studio.

Posted by eric mcleod at 03/11/08 9:01pm CET

this game rocks

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