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F17 Challenge
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Holodream Software

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The Team17 Softography Says...
This game is not listed on the Team17 Softography.

Dream17 says...
There are other racing games that use a similar engine to this - Crazy Cars, Lamborghini American Challenge and Lotus Trilogy being a few of them. It's a sub-standard run-of-the-mill "hold fire whilst turning slightly left or slightly right" affair of little or no appeal to anyone who appreciates racing games. Team17's first dip into the Racing Game pool and, if you ignore ATR, perhaps it should have been their last.

Posted by Dan Atkins at 17/01/07 6:20pm CET

Greate game!!!! Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by Fabrizio Farenga at 17/01/07 6:20pm CET

haaaa... great times!

Posted by Eduardo Gonzalez at 14/12/08 4:17pm CET

Formula One Excitement!!!!!!!!!!

Bas'd on the 1992 F1 Calender

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