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Worms for Facebook
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The Team17 Softography Says...
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Dream17 says...
A free-to-play version of Worms based around the Facebook social platform. Gameplay is much the same, you have a team of worms that dukes it with opposing teams in a turn-based fashion, either AI or player-controlled. The style seems largely derived from Worms Reloaded.

Where this game obviously differs the free-to-play component. Like most Facebook games, content is gated by currency and experience. You need either in-game money or real money to be able to buy extra weapons and customization options, which you can earn from just playing or doing missions which also help you level up and unlock other stuff. The default weapons are always available though. There's also an "energy" element so you can't just play indefinitely.

Also specially designed for this game is a new mouse-based control scheme, which is kinda fiddly, and a "home island" which works like a map that you can customize by placing and combining map parts, as opposed to the traditional "custom drawn maps". Overall it's not a bad Worms game, it has the same classic gameplay, and it makes it very easy to play with friends you can't meet up with, but you're better off paying for the real deal once the F2P limitations wear on you.

Worms for Facebook was shut down on 31st October 2013 and is no longer available to play.

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