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Superfrog HD
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Team17 / TickTock Games

Android, iOS, Linux, Macintosh, PC Steam, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
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The Team17 Softography Says...
In 1993 the world witnessed the birth of a new type of super hero. Now, twenty years later, Superfrog is back!

But wait! Before you get all gooey-eyed, Superfrog HD isn’t just some quick and easy port of the 16-bit version but with fancy graphics! It’s a complete re-imagining with tweaked gameplay, reworked levels and, of course, enhanced high definition cartoon style artwork. A nod to the 16-bit platformers of old, Superfrog HD is a retro classic reborn.

Dream17 says...
A brave attempt to recreate Superfrog for a modern audience, although that audience is slightly mollified by the fact that it's been released on some platforms very few people appear to have and certain modifications have been made to the game so it's less good than the original.

Released in July 2013 after months of basically no press or media interaction and rebuffing attempts by fans to contact Team17 for much information. A PC, Mac and Linux release via Steam slipped out in September 2013; amazingly, they didn't notify anyone about that either!

iOS and Android versions came in Summer 2014. This is just getting ridiculous.

TickTock Games, the company containing Arden Aspinall of the original PC conversion of Superfrog, are credited as co-developers. Apart from that, none of the original development team are still on board for this.

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