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Arcade Pool
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AGA Amiga, Amiga, Amiga CD³², PC CD, PC Floppy
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Rack'em-up and shoot for glory in this stunning Pool Simulator.

Featuring superb ball animation and authentic digitised sound effects also includes different game types, US 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 9- Ball Challenge, Speed Pool, Trickshot etc."

Dream17 says...
This Pool sim was definitely better suited to the CD³² more than the other versions. The Amiga Floppy version was good, don't get me wrong. But it just lacked the atmosphere added by the ambient audio featured in the CD³² version. Unfortunately, the PC version featured dodgy physics which went a bit weird at times, and once again failed to live up to the standard Team17 poured into their Amiga titles.

Fun fact: All of the harder AI players are named after Team17 staff, while the stupider ones are named after writers at Future Publishing's Amiga Power magazine. There was something of a rivalry between the two during the time this game was in development.

Posted by Milan Vasic at 01/08/07 11:26am CEST

Apsolutely fantastic, first time played it back in 1995. on my beautifull "A500".
100% "a must have"!!!!

Posted by youssef at 07/04/08 2:50pm CEST


Posted by blueshark616 at 07/04/08 2:53pm CEST


Posted by the0ghost at 05/08/08 2:24am CEST


Posted by mymoon at 27/01/14 3:04pm CET

best arcade pool on the amiga! spent hours on it even though i hate pool.

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