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Super Stardust
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Bloodhouse Ltd.

AGA Amiga, Amiga, Amiga CD³²
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"You are the world’s leading aerial combat pilot and it is you who must take control of the Panther PX–2.

It is you who must not only blow apart every threatening meteor but also repel the alien forces. Featuring thirty levels of hair–raising action and underwater missions, plus two special secret missions."

Dream17 says...
Developed by Bloodhouse, this is a very, very snazzy Asteroids clone with a twist. You can collect power-ups which can be used to enhance your ship, and you can collect coins that allow you to purchase additional power-ups. In addition to this, you also have to destroy an enemy ship at the end of the Phase, which is usually a lot trickier than it sounds.

Once you complete all of the phases in one world you move on to the next, and there is a very, very cool psuedo-3D sequence between those worlds wherein you're flying through a tunnel of some sort (Hyperspace conduit?) shooting approaching enemies. The style is remenicent of Psygnosis' CD³² shooter Microcosm, only you're constantly moving in one direction and it's, well, just a tunnel.

The game was practically designed with the CD³² controller in mind. The Amiga version is fine to play if you only have a one or two button joystick but this game really takes advantage of the CD³² controller in a way that most games didn't bother to.

Posted by atombat at 31/12/07 9:19am CET

I've always loved this game. By chance I came across the .ISO file in you're download section, whilst dropping though from another site. I thought this will never work on my old knackered AmigaCD32......but it bloody well did..! I was so finally play the CD32 version, I've had the Boxed Amiga1200 version for years. The cut scene animation isn't too bad for the old CD32, that it loads the tunnel sequences really fast is the best thing about it, no more swapping disks...! The only thing that I'm not sure about is the music. the music that comes on the zipped file is differrent to the 1200 version, was this always the case....and the game has no music at all, I don't know if its my CD32 that's broken or is it because that the original music is still in copyright, so we can't download it free with the game? Glad to see you guys are still going strong.Thanks for so many great games....Cheers...!

Posted by rwa at 11/04/08 11:29pm CEST

I had the original of this, the music soundtrack is one of the very best on the amiga. Download the music from unexotica to see. The A1200 version music was terrible.

Posted by Steve at 13/04/08 11:48pm CEST

The A1200 music was hardly terrible considering it was 4 channel 8bit sound and they used a clever trick of virtual channel mixing giving up to around 12 channels as i can remember plus having music and sound effects was quite an achievment in 4 true channels, and it was all on 2 discs, anyone can make fantastic tracks just streaming cd audio, or an mp3, back then tracks where fast tracker or octamed mods played back live through the hardware. Mod music was so much more dynamic than any cd or mp3 could ever do because mods could be made with trigger points in certain situations.

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