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Alien Breed - Tower Assault
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AGA Amiga, Amiga CD³², PC CD, PC Floppy, PC GoG
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"In the depths of space a holocaust has occurred. Intelligent and hostile alien lifeforms have taken over the Military Reasearch Unit in the Planet Azarin 2E.

Featuring over 50 huge levels of Alien blasting with a non-linear game sequence - over 250 ways to complete the game. Also includes dark levels where you can only spot the Aliens by their blue eyes."

Dream17 says...
I spent some time reading the above over and over, and to me it just doesn't do the game justice. This game expands on the original in so many ways. Graphically the game is astounding and CD³² users (as well as PC CD-ROM users, I'd assume) are treated to an FMV intro sequence which, quite frankly, is the Lad's 'Nads (although does include the acting talents of someone who would seem more at home teaching a PE class rather than briefing a team of soldiers). The game itself is stunningly beautiful - far more so than the previous outings - and the inclusion of simple little things such as Retreat Mode (which allows you to fire and walk backwards) and a more user-friendly INTEX Network Terminal interface make this game the definitive 2D Alien Breed title.

The Amiga and CD³² versions of the game were huge. However the PC version (or, at the very least, the PC Floppy version) was a ridiculously small game and far too linear and seemed to be a step back. However the game was ported to the PC not by Team17 but infact, once again, by East Point Software, who by now had made a habit of cocking up Team 17's ports.

Posted by Tarr at 24/09/06 7:03pm CEST


Posted by luke at 07/10/06 8:40am CEST

this game rocked back when i was a kid lol!

Posted by Jonny at 26/10/06 5:35pm CEST

I want to see this on the DS Lite!!

Posted by Marko Tomasevic at 23/11/06 2:19am CET



Posted by Odin at 06/11/06 12:07am CET

I play it offern Smile. With my A1200 (PPC/68060), but i have a issues with the Intro, when a start the CD32 Emulator. The Grafik is broken. What ever.
The Game is the Best CD32 Game ever time.
thanks a lot for this good Stuff.
Amiga 4 ever

Posted by Scuola di cinema at 05/02/07 2:47am CET

Team seventeen rocks!

Scuola di cinema

Posted by john at 21/05/07 1:30am CEST

rock on this game was awsome!!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Posted by kathy at 29/05/07 12:41pm CEST

This Game RULED!!!!!!!

Posted by mengoni at 23/07/07 6:18pm CEST


Posted by juhis at 26/09/07 8:37am CEST

While this game MAY not be bloody, I sawed screenshot were bed was covered with blood! Surprised or Shockedops:

Posted by nash at 10/10/07 6:20am CEST

I have been playing this game for years and i think its the best game ever!!! not only can you retreat and cover behind yourself but you never know where the little monsters will come from next. i found that it was a bit hard a frist but once you get used to it, it becomes fun and easy (if you dont mind constant restarts that is lol)

Posted by kwb at 30/01/08 1:27am CET

hay, im from europe, tower assault was cool, i played it when i was a kid and spent with it many hours. Thanks a lot for fun:-)

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