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Speris Legacy, The
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Binary Emotions


AGA Amiga, Amiga, Amiga CD³²
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Deep in the heart of the Spiral Castle. The evil Prince Gallus plots and schemes to regain the Throne of Speris. Long years of exile have twisted his dark heart towards vengeance. Fate has called Cho to the fore. He must thwart Gallus's evil intentions in order to preserve the peace and prosperity of the Sperislands.

Featuring hundreds of screens of arcade puzzle action and 8 incredibly detailed locations to work through."

Dream17 says...
A rather poor The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past clone, developed by another studio and published by Team17 in lieu of their own eventually cancelled RPG, Witchwood.

The Speris Legacy tries very hard to emulate the style of the SNES classic. It opens with a story that is doing its best to sound epic and exciting but comes off sounding tired and clich├ęd. The gameplay itself is poor, lacking the flow of previous Team17 games, as well as the game it pays homage to. Overall, a disappointment.

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