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Alien Breed 3D
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AGA Amiga, Amiga CD³²
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Transported to a spectacular 3D environment, you must outwit the ferocious breed once more, but this time the added dimension of "being there" brings you even closer to the disgusting creatures than ever before!

Featuring 16 huge game levels with a serial link option - play as a team or against each other!"

Dream17 says...
AB3D was one of the first true FPS games to come out for the Amiga, alongside Breathless and Gloom - and is arguably the best of the bunch. The game plunged the player (or players, if you've networked multiple Amigas or CD³²s together) into a very atmospheric world... the sights and sounds can be quite chilling at times... or they were for their time. Team17 have a history of producing fine games - this is no exception. Definitely one of the better first generation FPS games for the Amiga.

Posted by xaccrocheur at 18/12/06 3:52am CET

You bet your life ! I still hear it in my head. Gosh, I loved this game.

Posted by Y@nek at 22/04/07 11:00pm CEST

This is still my best game. I like soundtrack so much.
Greets for all funs of the real computers. Cool

Posted by Al at 19/04/08 6:44pm CEST

My CD32 is now long dead and buried but I was sad to see it go and I loved this game to pieces. the soundtrack was so damned atmospheric and creepy I used to play the game with my heart in my mouth! I still have the cd and play the soundtrack on my stereo from time to time to bring back great memories.... expect maybe that damned coding disk/book business! tut! lol:roll:

Posted by Dave at 06/06/08 10:09pm CEST

I know what you mean. I kept the game long after I ditched my CD32 but had no code book. I went as far as to buy the floppy version off ebay for the code book. Worked a treat Smile

Actually, since Team 17 are now allowing distribution of the game, I may even get around to copying it and uploading it... Wink

Posted by Unreal at 06/01/09 8:07pm CET

Amiga was the best in my life!;-)

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