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Alien Breed 3D II - The Killing Grounds
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AGA Amiga, Amiga
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"After the nightmare escape from Orisis III, Commander Reynolds had fallen into a coma. Waking in a secure medical unit of an Earth Force Battle Cruiser, he finds himself once again cast into the grasp of the breed, but this time on their turf.

Featuring 16 levels over three different environments all with tasks or missions to complete. 10 powerful weapons to pick up and use within the missions and the level editor."

Dream17 says...
Graphically it was the best Amiga FPS of it's time, sweeping the floor with Black Magic's Gloom Deluxe and knocking Breathless clear out of the way. It certainly looked better than the previous 3D outing for the series. So why is it generally considered to be one of Team17's worst games?

The game was trouble from the word "go". The Killing Grounds caused a lot of frustration for Amiga owners when it was first released, primarily because there were only a small percentage of Amiga owners who had a machine powerful enough to run the game. On top of that, magazines criticized the level design for being too simplistic and largely confusing - and rightly so. Whereas Exits were nicely marked on the original AB3D, here you can quite easily wander into an exit willy-nilly without even realising you've done so until the game freezes and you hear a little atmospheric sound indicating the level is, in fact, over.

There are some improvements over the original. On top of the graphical superiority the game has over the original, players can now actually save their game as opposed to relying on the password system employed by the previous Alien Breed games. What else? Well, that's pretty much it. As far as story goes, the game does follow on directly from where the first game finishes but really there's not much else to be said about the game.

The Killing Grounds looks good but at the end of the day it's simply not the FPS people expected it to be.

Posted by Lem at 14/12/06 10:53am CET

I enjoyed playing AB3DII - TKG. I used to run it in 1x1 medium screen size at about 14 fps on a 40Mhz 68030 accelerated A1200 with 8mb of FastRAM. I spent many hours playing it, and found it to be quite atmospheric at times.

Posted by gg at 15/11/06 12:06am CET


Posted by xaccrocheur at 18/12/06 3:54am CET

I loved it too. Never got the bad reputation it had.

Posted by Cesare at 19/12/06 2:12pm CET

This game was too difficult, like all old games by Team17... sorry to say that, but with a better playability maybe it would be a msterpiece...:?

Posted by Alex at 01/06/07 12:20am CEST

This game cost me a fortune to get it to run as I saved up for an Apollo 1240/40Mhz (I couldn't afford the 1260/66Mhz:( )
I was a little dissapointed with the frame rate but by reducing the screen down so you had 1"inch borders top on bottom with 1X1 pixel, it ran around 20fps in small rooms but slowed to about 14fps on some of the big later levels.
I also found it quite hard too, but thats what made it addictive, and the graphics were the best available for the amiga, which made you want to get to the next level.
Great game, Thanks Team 17.

Posted by zach boucher at 21/05/08 8:32pm CEST


Posted by jam at 14/10/08 4:13pm CEST

It looked nice at the time, but the level design was awful. It had none of the excitement that the original had.
I played it on an A1200/040 with 8Mb and that was just about playable with a small window.

I loaded it up again in UAE a while back just to see it running full speed, but even cheating with infinite lives and ammo, the game is still insanely difficult. The first 3 or 4 levels are ok but then you find enemies that take 200 shots to kill.
I suspect the game is not actually completable without using a cheat, there simply isn't enough ammo to kill all the enemies you need to kill.

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