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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Your mission in brief is simple, annihilate the enemy forces and pursue the alien stronghold!

Featuring an incredible 32,000 colours, devastating visuals and a powerful techno soundtrack resounding across ten massive levels."

Dream17 says...
The original Project X did wonders to the 2D side-scrolling genre, and it's sequel - X2 - tries it's best to compete. Just as fiendishly impossibly difficult as it's predecessor, however it lacked the Progressive Power-Up system that made the original such frantic. In it's place "randomised" power-ups are left by destroyed waves. X2 manages to get one up on the first in two respects, however. Whereas the 2 Player mode of the original was turn-based, two players can now play side-by-side in the sequel. Additionally, gameplay shifts between Horizontal scroll and Vertical scroll mid-level. I can't think of any other way to describe this other than "uber-nifty".

In my humble, pointless opinion, X2 comes close to bringing back some of the frantic shoot 'em up gameplay that made the original the award-winning experience it was. However it can't replace the original. This is almost like comparing MarioKart 64 to the original Super Mario Kart - it's just not the Done Thing. Roll on X3!

Posted by Jon Stone at 02/11/06 7:30am CET

I'm a massive fan of Project X on the Amiga so when I heard about this I actually went and bought it for my friend's Playstation just so I could play it round his house.
Not too difficult until you get to level 4 and then the game curved a bit too steep. Still you had passwords Smile

Not as god as the original but still a good Arcade game none the less.

Would love to get an image or rom of this game as the original CD got worn to nothing

Posted by lemonhead at 28/04/08 5:20pm CEST

Hi, if it is interesting for somebody, i have backups of team17's X2 homepage in four generations of their website (and some images before game exist - you can look at two of them at and pxbpic.jpg). Everything has 3,6 MB.

Posted by nuke1 at 26/01/09 11:05pm CET

Would also love to get an image of this ROM. Alas, it's so rare. My old disc is in shambles. It was extremely rare then, in comparison to other games. Imagine how rare it is now.

Can anyone reignite our old and fading dream ?:???:

Posted by SLES-00455 at 01/12/12 4:44pm CET

a SLES-00455 sealed one on ebay for $50 au Surprised or Shocked

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