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Worms and Reinforcements United
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MicroProse Software, Inc.

PC CD, PC GoG, PC Steam
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Worms and Reinforcements are United in this action packed, superbly playable game.

Up to 4 teams of Worms do battle over an ever changing battlefield with falling weapon crates, crazed exploding sheep and more besides!"

Dream17 says...
This is Worms and Worms Reinforcements on one CD, only without the rather nifty wartorn Status Bar and a few of the "unofficial" speechbanks missing. It also featured a preview FMV for Worms 2 and, unlike the originals, was published by Microprose as opposed to Ocean. Still, both are now part of Atari now, anyway.

For screenshots and cheats, have a look at the entry for the original Worms.

Posted by Sam at 07/10/06 8:58am CEST

Is there an XP patch for this game?

Posted by joe at 09/01/07 11:21am CET

Ye just download a program called DosBox and run it thru that.8)

Posted by KennyTornado at 08/02/07 2:46pm CET

I remember playing this Worms game quite some time ago, but unable to play it now due to a crack on the disk. It was a good game though. :

Posted by ali at 16/05/07 8:22am CEST

:P I love all of u

Posted by Curkle at 19/05/07 7:02am CEST

is there any way to buy this CD? I love these Games!

Posted by ~Sy~ at 06/09/07 8:35pm CEST

i love the worms games an the wormsongs HA! sillyness at its finest ^^ ebay you can get the game, lucky i found it in a charity shop Smile

Posted by worms at 15/01/08 12:08pm CET

lo quiero bajar y no se donde:evil:

Posted by leo at 29/03/08 5:30pm CET


Posted by leo at 29/03/08 5:32pm CET

:mad:lo quiero

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