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Phoenix - Deep Space Ressurection
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MicroProse Software, Inc.

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The Team17 Softography Says...
"The world of Phoenix is harsh, brooding and paranoiac, populated not with heroes and villains but with real people. People scarred by their histories, each with their own inner demons and their own ways of dealing with them and all of them carried along by the fiendishly convoluted plot as it twists and turns its way towards seemingly inevitable disaster.

Set in the middle of the new millennium you take the role of Beck a police officer, who through an apparently tragic quirk of fate finds himself thrust reluctantly into the role of hero. Challenged by a wide variety of different missions, the route you take through the game will vary depending on your skill."

Dream17 says...
No information available.

Posted by beast at 12/05/07 2:56pm CEST

hi phoenix

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