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Worms World Party
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Titus Interactive S.A.

Dreamcast, GameBoy Advance, Gizmondo, NGage, PC CD, PlayStation
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"One of the worlds most fun, wackiest, addictive and enjoyable game’s hits the Dreamcast in its most multi-player/on-line focused form todate!

Worms World Party is the perfect online gaming experience, on a global scale, with its mixture of globally appealing humour, outrageous entertainment, addictive game-play and myriad of game modes and options.

This World Party edition contains a massively focused section for multiplayer games, including co-operative and confrontational multi-player missions, new fantastic multi-player game modes and much, much more besides.

The very nature of the game means that the game - and all it’s multiplayer delights can also be enjoyed by a group around a single PC or console, although nothing beats the delight of despatching a homing missile 14,000 miles across the planet to sink your foes!"

Dream17 says...
Sega were impressed with Worms Armageddon when it made it's way onto the Dreamcast console in 1999. It was a great game not just because of it's original gameplay and colourful graphics but because of it's multiplayer value. And Sega thought Worms was just what Sega needed to help it's failing console's online services. So, if the information I have is accurate, they asked Team17 to develop a version of the game with DreamArena support, and thus WWP was born.

Essentially "Worms Armageddon with knobs on", the big thing for Dreamcast owners was the addition of net support. PC users, however, already had this feature. They'd had it since Worms 2, so it was hardly new for them. Something new had to be added to the game to make it worth buying for the PC (the Dreamcast market not being large nough to sustain an exclusive title) - new missions, new Training modes, an improved Deathmatch game and the WormPot were all added into the game. A Mission Editor was added as well, and made available for download from the WWP website. This allowed players to create their own Missions, Training Modes etc. for the first time (without using an unofficial add-on program such as the WA Fiddler). As well as all this, Multiplayer Missions were also added allowing two players to play with each other or against, performing various tasks. It was fresh, and enjoyable.

WormPot - three little buttons, so many possibilities. Each of the three toggles had a selection of what some other games would call "Mutators" which affect how the game plays. For example, Fort Games, or a game with the Super-Rope. Modes that had previously been cheats in W:A were now part of the WormPot - blood, Aqua Sheep etc. had all been moved there, meaning that you couldn't earn cheats anymore - there was no real sense of accomplishment in completing the missions anymore.

While the Dreamcast version of WWP topped the Dreamcast Top 10 chart for a while towards the end of 2001 and part of the way through 2002, the additional console releases for the PSone and GBA weren't well recieved. The PSone version was merely a prod-about of the previous PSone version of W:A, and was a missed oppertunity to fix a few bugs and problems. The GBA version while definitely an improvement over the abismal job done on W:A for the GameBoy Color, still lacked some of the things Wormers would have liked to have seen, such as a decent Ninja Rope. The N-Gage version looks similar to the PC version and might just be the handheld Worming experience we're looking for. Then again, the GBA version looked like it might have been good too... are handheld Wormers doing nothign more than chasing a Holy Grail?

Many people in the Worms Community don't like WWP. As I said before, it is just W:A with knobs on, and in theory would have been better had it have been released as an expansion pack. However, many people (myself included) believe that WWP is a good improvement on W:A and while some of the features in the W:A BETA patches aren't in WWP, it's still a good multiplayer game. WWP is the "Oh No! More Lemmings" to W:A's "Lemmings". If that makes sense, you play too many videogames.

Posted by Ash FoxX at 01/05/06 9:06pm CEST

I dont know about you, but WWP is a small but satisfying addition to the Worms franchise. It may have been quote "W:A with knobs on it" but the fact is it had everything Armageddon did and more. I play the game for multiplayer havoc, not single player mayhem. (Sadly, I understood that WWP is to W:A as Oh No! More Lemmings was to the original Lemmings... I play too many videogames.

Posted by Kurrus at 03/11/06 11:13pm CET

Actually WWP has LOADS of TONS of WAGONS of LOTS of WEAPONS.
I can't believe this isn't mentioned in the review.
W:A has about 30 weapons. This has like 50 or so. Very Happy or Laughing
This is also my favourite Worms game so far, followed very closely by W4Mayhem.

Posted by Etho at 17/02/07 6:00am CET

You are very incorrect Kurrus. Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon have exactly the SAME weapons. Both games have a total of 65 inventory items.

Posted by Hei at 25/06/07 8:27pm CEST

This game is the best ever!!!!! Smile

Posted by Kono at 06/07/07 8:26pm CEST


Posted by heartless at 13/07/07 3:45pm CEST

how can i chat in a multiplayer game?

Posted by Leah at 21/07/07 9:46pm CEST

I have the PC verson and i just luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D

Posted by Locorama at 21/07/07 9:51pm CEST

This game is better than any worms game i've ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so much better than Worms blast with i don't like as much. But it's ok.8-)

Posted by xfffgdgfdf at 21/07/07 9:56pm CEST


Posted by xfffgdgfdf at 31/07/07 2:35pm CEST


Posted by Bear at 02/08/07 3:18pm CEST

I always give my worms crazy names. I love the jock voice!8-)

Posted by 583casper583 at 04/09/07 4:01am CEST

You can chat by pressing Page Down.
Then chat in the box and press enter.
Press page up to get rid of the chat box.
WORMS IS THE BEST! Very Happy or Laughing:-D:-D

Posted by iyt at 05/09/07 1:52pm CEST


Posted by لات at 17/09/07 11:18am CEST


Posted by juhis at 26/09/07 8:23am CEST

Boy, I played this game before, and I loved it! Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by DARi0 at 04/12/07 9:44pm CET

I believe this is the BEST Worms game EVER. Congrats TEAM17

Posted by sandyqt at 26/12/07 8:39am CET

how can i use worm select?

Posted by thatwastooeasy at 02/01/08 4:27pm CET

the cutest and wackiest game i ever played
the sound is so funny, like the kamikazes:lol:

Posted by tim at 10/02/08 10:50am CET


Posted by tim at 10/02/08 10:52am CET

bad bad bad

Posted by dare at 03/03/08 10:32am CET

can someone pls help me - im new to the wormnet, and a lot of times when i join a game, the host asks me :"rules?...what does that mean??
im not a noob in worms, only in wormnet:)

Posted by silverwolf at 03/07/08 12:54pm CEST

well dare, check on the scheme rules : just visit

Posted by whetphish at 28/03/09 2:10pm CET

There was also a port of this game to Windows Mobile PDAs by Jamdat which is awesome. Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by Boggy B at 12/10/13 6:48am CEST

Great game! It's like Worms Armageddon but has a Wormpot, new awesome multi-player missions, has new music, etc.

My 2nd favorite 2D Worms game. First is Worms Armageddon, of course. Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by Boggy B at 12/10/13 6:50am CEST

[at]Tim shut the hell up and go fuck yourself you annoying idiot... -_-

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