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The Team17 Softography Says...
This game is not listed on the Team17 Softography.

Dream17 says...
Team17 cancelled this project in favour of working on The Speris Legacy. The soundtrack for this game is still available through Bjorn Lynne's website.

Martyn Brown posted some information regarding cancelled and unfinished titles on his blog on March 30th, 2007, and had this to say about this unfinished title:

"A promising fantasy RPG that rolled on and on before it was clear that the team was never going to finish it. There's some conspiracy that the title was canned because another Amiga title (Speris Legacy) arrived in town, but that's nonsense since Witchwood was a PC title. It was very disappointing actually, Bjorn actually released an album of the music he did for it and if anything, something good did come of the project; Colin Surridge - who's still at Team17 some 12yrs on - Colin is top. But again, like a cluster of projects around that time, all suffered since Worms got all the real focus - and looking back, it's fair to see why."

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