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Alien Breed 2004
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PlayStation 2
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Dream17 says...
In early 2003 Team17 announced that a new Alien Breed title was in the works, due for release exclusively for the PlayStation 2 console. Some screenshots were made available and some hints were made as to what the game would be like. The game was very much a return to the franchise' roots, going back to a psuedo top-down perspective similar to that used in the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance games (AB2K4 was developed using the same game engine). Unfortunately a lack of publisher interest put the project on hold and, in a post on the Team17 Forum in October 2004, Martyn "Spadge" Brown confirmed that the project had been cancelled.

Last Updated: November 2004. 2nd Revision.

Posted by Djk at 11/11/06 12:23pm CET

Quite a shame really. Looks like it could have been a nice "tribute" game.

Posted by JonJo at 16/06/07 2:54pm CEST

Hi, as a GP2X owner I wonder if you could possibly make your game Alien available on this super hand held?:-) PLEASE

Posted by atarix at 22/06/08 9:01pm CEST

everybody attention. the Alien Breed like game exists.

check SHADOWGROUNDS title via google.

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