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Alien Breed 2 - The Horror Continues
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AGA Amiga, Amiga
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Join the Interplanetary Corps on a Space Federation mission to rescue a remote planet colony that lies under siege from a deadly Alien Force!

Featuring massive play area over 14 zones and a selection of four different in-game characters."

Dream17 says...
Where the original had it's weak points, Alien Breed 2 is nothing but strong. The introduction of selectable characters was novel at the time, and each character has their own attributes that alters the balance of the game. There was a vast graphics improvement - particularly to those who owned either an A1200 or an A4000 as AGA versions of the game, with enhanced graphics, were also released. The game was even included on the disc for the CD³² version of Alien Breed Tower Assault.

This game is proof that sometimes sequels are better than the first game, and proof that, once again, Team17 are the kings of computer game production.

Posted by JC at 30/07/06 6:50pm CEST

Are you kidding ? The start of this game is far too bloody hard. Chances are youve lost all 3 lives before you get in. Forget it, AB 92 Special Edition was the best.

Posted by Adam at 30/04/07 3:16pm CEST

still by far the best alien breed game

Posted by Pi-Tec at 26/01/08 7:14pm CET

That's nonsense, JC. AB II's mission one was easy to accomplish if one knew the optimal route and timing. I hardly lost one or two health bars during that mission.

Posted by JM at 30/12/08 12:44am CET

Can't get past the cheat screen, offering me unlimited lives etc. I can move the cursor to "start game" but no button on my keyboard or mouse will activate it.

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