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The Team17 Softography Says...
This game is not listed on the Team17 Softography.

Dream17 says...
Like Pussies Galore, I stumbled across this title by accident (yes, that's what I did) when doing research for other Team17 titles. This "game", it seems, came free with the July '92 issue of The One Amiga magazine. It's not too bad, only a little difficult to play with a gamepad (which is how I tried it with the emulator - I'm going to have to dust off my old Top Gun Thrustmaster joystick and give it a good workout). Not a bad little diversion, this...

Posted by Ben M at 11/01/07 12:25pm CET

I remember this, it was great 2 player fun. I remember breaking a Cheetah joystick on this game! With a cruiser though... Smile

Posted by DRC at 10/02/07 4:36pm CET

I broke all of my Joysticks playing this game. lol.

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