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X2 Japan
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(Japanese Release)
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Dream17 says...
Following X2's release in the UK, it was time for Team17 to stick their gaming where their mouth is and unleash it upon an unsuspecting Japan, where shoot 'em ups are very much a Big Thing. And who better to publish the game than Capcom?

The game was made mostly easier than its European counterpart, with some exceptionally minor graphical alterations. Rather surprisingly, the in-game dialogue, menus and text is still 100% English. Oddly, it doesn't appear to suffer from any of the graphical glitches that occur when trying to play the European release on a PS2.

There were also plans to release this game for the Sega Saturn. The game was listed in some Japanese magazines and promotional boxes were even manufactured featuring what appeared to be Saturn version screenshots, but the game didn't seem to materialise.

Posted by Vince Bertonesi at 29/11/06 11:05pm CET

The game was released for the Japanese market and surprisingly- its a much better game. It's slightly easier than the original- which at times if you missed a power-up was darn near unplayable.
I recommend that anyone who wants to play X2- get a hold of the Japanese version- its far better than the PAL release- iknow- i've got them both.

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