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Manga Hot Numbers
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Dream17 says...
This numbers game is incomparable to anything else I've ever seen, never mind the fact that it might work more successfully as a board game. You have a square playing board, covered in green and red tiles, each one containing a number. Green will give you points, red will subtract them. You click somewhere, and the tile is cleared. Then your opponent clicks... but has to stay in the same column or row. In other words, you can only move either vertically or horizontally.

The twist comes when you clear a level, as behind the set of tiles is a manga girl, usually half naked. If you win, the grid clears, allowing you a full view. This wonderfully tacky little add-on to the game adds no particular charm, yet (as is the nature with these games) it's just so addictive that you'll keep going back for "just one more go"...

One final thing. If you have no friends, don't play Manga Hot Numbers. The computer difficulty will slaughter you, even on "Easy" mode.

Posted by Million Dollar Dream at 06/05/07 2:11pm CEST

So it's basically the same as "Blue Angel 69" which was released a bit earlier (for Amiga and C64 and possibly for other systems as well)

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