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The Team17 Softography Says...
Worms™ for Xbox™ Live Arcade is a hilarious and cleverly-balanced turn-based strategy game in which teams of worms battle across bizarre randomly-generated landscapes for supremacy. Each team takes it in turns to pick off the opposing teams using crazy weapons, tools and other utilities and whatever foul strategies they can devise. Worms die when they lose all of their energy or plunge into the water. The winning team is the one that manages to survive the mayhem and have worms left standing when the dust settles. Sound simple? Easy to play but difficult to master, it’s a game of deep strategy and cartoon-style visuals, packed with hilarious worm-destroying entertainment!

Dream17 says...
Formerly titled Worms HD and once rumoured to be called Worms: Defeat (or Day of Defeat), this Live Arcade version of the popular strategy game is based rather heavily on Worms: Open Warfare, featuring near-identical controls, graphics and physics. Much of the content has been stripped out to get the game to fit into Microsoft's old 50MB filesize limit for Live Arcade titles (the limit was increased to 150MB the Monday before Worms was released), leaving the game with 5 International speechbanks and three landscape themes. More are expected to be released via the Live Marketplace, although whether they will be free or not is another question entirely.

As with Worms: Open Warfare, the weapon set has been stripped back to the very basics, with almost none of the weapons introduced in Worms - The Directors Cut or later games appearing. The exception to this rule is the Jetpack, which appears to be taking the place of the Bungee. Again, like W:OW the Minigun has been omitted for reasons unknown.

The biggest addition is the online play which, while not the most perfect method of playing 2D Worms online, does feature Rankings and a Leaderboard, features which at time of writing are not available in any other online Worms game (they were originally in Worms Armageddon, however hacking forced Team 17 to disable them. In addition to this, players can voice-chat with each other, which means that Puppet Mastery is soon going to become something to take a bit more seriously in online Worms games...

Posted by Squirminator2k at 17/11/06 11:56pm CET

Oh, and I'm sure Worms will eventually make it to the PS3. That is, once Sony get the console *working*.

Posted by DarkEvilWorm at 20/11/06 10:37pm CET

Their having huge problems with that..... Sony sucks.

Posted by DarkEvilWorm at 20/11/06 10:39pm CET

Sony says that the next generation starts when they say so! Rubbish! £$%[at] actually

Posted by MarioSonic at 07/11/06 3:34pm CET

Awsome:DBut why Worms is not coming Playstation 3? This Worms game is intersting.:D

Posted by Lintworm at 08/11/06 12:40pm CET

Plz, let is be the 2d version plz plz plz

Posted by Viphid at 08/11/06 9:22pm CET

It has to be a 2D version to fit the minimum 50mb. But because of XNA it could possibly be the 3D ver. Doubtful though. As far as PS3, Worms is on the PSP, DS, XBOX, GC, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, and GBA so I'm sure it can and will be on all platforms. More to the point is why didn't this game get released already!?! Microsoft, please release this game on LIVE soon!


Posted by Squirminator2k at 17/11/06 11:45pm CET

Yes, it's going to be a 2D game.

Posted by Nach at 19/01/07 2:41am CET

WOO I love Worms, just the other nite I said 2 myself "wouldn't it be gr8 if Worms came out on the Xbox Arcade and now its true! I lov u!!

Posted by Chris at 20/01/07 1:51pm CET

I'm anticipating this release more than I did Lost Planet (Which I only just ordered!)

Thank you so much for released my favourite game of all time, excellent work Team 17.

Posted by RifleMarine at 22/01/07 1:04pm CET

Ty. When its gonna to come becouse im waiting like crazy.:shock::lol::P

Posted by Bo at 31/01/07 1:00am CET

Damn great news .. this game is just made for chilling in front of the tv .. hoping for online play Very Happy or Laughing Very Happy or Laughing:D:D:D .. GREAT NEWZ .. cant wait.:D

Posted by WOHOOO at 02/02/07 5:32pm CET


Posted by yay at 04/02/07 12:13pm CET

I want a releasedate Surprised or Shocked

Posted by YEAH! at 11/02/07 3:21am CET

2D worms ftw! Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by The Eggert at 12/02/07 9:26am CET

It IS going to be a 2D game...just take a look at this website:

Posted by linards at 22/02/07 3:23pm CET


Posted by WRV451NLP at 11/03/07 7:07pm CET

I hope this comes to the wii.

Posted by Mr.B at 13/04/07 12:52pm CEST

This would be an absolutely great on the Wii with its point and click abilities! I think Nintendo would have to sort out their on-line play first though. Personally I love worms but I'm not going to buy a XBox 360, PS3 or subscribe to any on-line services. Simply too expensive.

Posted by lol at 25/04/08 2:34pm CEST

2D sux and thiz game is gonna suck beacuz of that omg i want 3D Mad or Evil:evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::mad::cry:

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