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Special Thanks

Special thanks go to the following people, most of whom the website would not even exist were it not for their assitance, and some of whom the website would still exist, but wouldn't look so Glod-damned cool.

K^2, Test Zero, SargeMcCluck, Thorask, Jamie Woodhouse, WWW Clan, PinkWorm, Zero72, RunForYourLife, Chris "Nubinator" West, Blinx, Paul.Power, Star Worms, MonkeyForAHead, Andrew Taylor, Babylon, M3ntal, everyone at the Team17 Forum who I've forgotten, and the entire staff of Team17 Software for creating great game after great game for 15 years. Keep 'em coming, guys!

A special thanks to Martyn Brown and Andrew Seller at Team17 for their help and support, despite the number of annoying emails I send you two!