Real Name: Benjamin Charles Maydon
Age: 38
Location: London, England
Favorite Team17 Game: Superfrog

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Pooka, who is more of a concept than a real person, was born in the London Borough of Enfield. Well, somebody had to be, and unfortunately that person was Pooka. He was reading by the age of a mere fifteen months and by the time he reached secondary school was well on target to read English at Oxbridge. Unfortunately, several strange incidents happened involving mass unconsciousness for a few years, some kittens and a turnip farm. The turnips were nice, but as a consequence, Pooka found himself at Nottingham Trent University with no idea how he got there and/or what he was doing at all.

Upon researching his past life, which he had somehow missed out on due to spending eighteen years staring at a particularly interesting piece of wallpaper, Pooka found out his real name was Benjamin, and, having donned the mantle of 'Pooka' naming himself after his favourite type of faerie, had discovered a game called 'Worms', which was something to do with annelids. Upon researching the origins of this game, he had chanced upon another game called 'Superfrog', highly superior in content and quality, and somehow a strange website had appeared. His mind boggled.

Being the egotist that he is, Pooka quickly seized control of this mysterious website, claiming it as his own, whereupon he used, and continues to use, his mysterious influence over the Team17 people to gain information and interviews for said website, using powerful mind-control techniques, such as "omg u guyz u are the greatezt pleeeeze giv me ur interviewz kawaii!!!1". Once again, the mind marvels at the very thought.

In his spare time, Pooka appears to enjoy playing the guitar, violin, ocarina, keyboards, and percussion - and even enjoys singing and dancing (poorly) when he can find the spare time. His favourite bands are James, Smash Mouth, and a few other bands nobody's ever heard of. He also appears to enjoy writing very long stories which he starts but never appears to finish, and as a very very sad example of this, wasted about three months of his school life novelising a dream he had when he was sixteen.

Pooka now lives in London teaching English to college students. He likes sherbet lemons, but doesn't like being made to write bios about himself, so he tends to just make up some stuff.

Superfrog rules.