Worm Mad

Real Name: Euan Luke Simon Mumford
Age: 38
Location: Shoreham, England
Favorite Team17 Game: Worms 4: Mayhem

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Euan "Worm Mad" Mumford is an enigma. Appearing in a flash of light on the Team17 Forum one day, little was known about his true identity. Until now.

It seems that this eccentric fellow comes from the little known town of Shoreham-by-Sea and owns a time machine which he consistently uses to screw up Earth's timeline. On a lighter note, the Mad One is a long time fan of Team17 and their games, has played every single "Worms" game except "The Directors Cut" and a number of their less famous titles such as "Superfrog" and "Body Blows".

Worm Mad is a long-time poster on the Team17 Forum and was known to hover around the Allotment forum before that, showing his devotion for all things wormy. Proudest forum moments are as follows - Made the Unofficial W3D FAQ that was widely read and even linked to by the official site, responsible for the idea that lead to Team17 revealing the first Worms 3D screenshot in calendar format, appeared in the game as a random name and was honoured with a custom user status.

Worm Mad is never without a project at hand - whether it's the Star Worms sequel that he co-made with SupSuper or a comic recasting the forum members as ants. His range of projects have expanded beyond the forum however and his critically acclaimed webcomic, Rooms, is currently well into its second year. Also, Mad has his eyes set on cinematic horizons. Watch this space

Raised in the Amiga era, Mad is surprisingly a fan of a number of things other than computer games. Believing that the "Star Wars" and "X-Men" movies are the greatest films ever and that "Red Dwarf" is the best TV program of all time, bar none - it becomes clear that his Madness is none other than a fan of sci-fi and even more shockingly... sci-fi comedy. Then again, if you'd read the Worm Mad/S-2k Chronicles, that should have become clear to you by now.

Worm Mad dreams of the days when he'll be able to design games for computer games companies, like Team17, and change the industry for the better. For now however, he's got Uni to get through...