Real Name: Daniel Albano
Age: 34
Location: Setúbal, Portugal
Favorite Team17 Game: Alien Breed - Tower Assault

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Daniel "SupSuper" Albano, a proud gamer and overall experienced computer user. He became addicted to computers and games at the young age of 4 years old, though most of it only made sense to him some years later.

He currently owns a GameBoy Advance and is one of the only kids that doesn't have a console (but his PC's specs compensate it). Though he likes most games, favoring gameplay over graphics, he's mainly a fan of First-Person Shooters and Real-Time Strategy games. And he's also one of the few people in the world who hates RPGs! Yes, he does, can you believe it?

Although he has many computer skills (such as programming, webdesign, Flash, etc.), he's mostly a jack of all trades, so he can do a little of everything, but not very good at any of them. He's also completely inapt with any art form.

SupSuper first discovered Team17 on 1995, when he played a demo of Worms on a PC games magazine. From then on he played most of the games of the series, though he was particularly disappointed with Worms Blast and Worms 3D. He also tried other Team17 games for PC such as Alien Breed, SuperFrog and World Rally Fever.

Without referring to computers, SupSuper can be considered a shy, introvert individual, and prefers to stay indoors rather than going outside. Unlike most computer geeks, he doesn't wear comically thick glasses.

Even so, SupSuper is a nice and helpful person, with a good attitude, who you'll never see sad or moping around.