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Real Name: Everett Lamb
Age: 38
Location: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Favorite Team17 Game: Worms Armageddon

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No longer a Dream17 Staff Member.

At the age of 13, Everett Lamb got into PC games and PC gaming when his parents bought him his first Computer game entitled Ancients1: Deathwatch, a floppy disk Medieval RPG which, was pretty great in terms of gamplay he doesn't much care for graphics although he tends to get inspired easily by scenic views. Having to experience his first Medieval game, the Medieval theme be it RPG or varying amounts of others became his all time favorite.

One Birthday when he was a young lad, he received a Super Nintendo Entertainment System which, to this day still remains a large part of his childhood. His first Snes game was Drakkhen there was one specific tune which he'll never forget, a rather adventuring go-forth track which wanted him and his party to venture more deeper and explore the surroundings, this made the game an all time favorite for him.

I suppose you're asking yourself, if he references himself as a child, how old is he really? If you must know, he is 21 years old. He goes by the nickname "Ev" as many people know him by that name.

Video Games aside, he's deeply into Music. A good High School friend of his by the name of John Baker informed Everett of his band called Proxy Set and Everett likes to assume he's one of Proxy Set's advertisers, not to mention this band means a lot to him in the sense of relaxing and supporting.

He tends to make odd ideas at times, like long ago as a kid (stop with the child references, already!) he belonged to a daycare called PastTimes, now within that community he made friends (obviously) so he came up with the name The Fighters, the name was approximately named since him and other people would constantly brawl, for fun, of course. This brings up him as a mini-architect, you see when in PastTimes, Everett and his friends would build forts in the school's gym, using the gym mats, he could draw a blue prints and place the mats in a exact matter according to his accurate blue print plans, this architectural achievement was just one of the past accomplishments in his young kid life.

Everett likes to write fictional stories in his spare time. He comes up with an idea of characters, the plot and such and begins to write.

Personality wise, Everett is easy to get along with, nice (so he's told), funny at times depending on the person's humour, and overall a caring, supportive, and a good listener of people's troubles.