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SuperFrog's not answering questions at the moment. He may again at sometime in the future. Why not ask him when he'll be running the Ask SuperFrog section of the site again.... oh, wait.

SuperFrog, you're one of my favourite characters of all time. When are you going to get your own movie?
Submitted by I_Love_Superfrog23

Believe it or not, there's been a lot of interest. First, there was Quentin Tarantino who was going to do a film called "Resevoir Frogs" starring me and my pals getting in trouble with the law. But, the studios didn't like it so he changed the name and replaced the principle cast with humans. That was a big disappointment. George Lucas wanted to create a biographical film about my life at one point, too, but he changed too many key aspects of it, for my liking (including my name - he was going to call me "Frogwalker"). So, yeah, I've been trying to see a movie made for a while now. Team17 are reluctant, though, which tends to put directors off.

People say that you've taken to making up questions, due to lack of feedback. This can't be true, can it?
Submitted by SurfGroper

Quite the reverse in fact, SurfGroper. My mail bags are so full with letters of Ask SuperFrog questions that I've had to be selective about which ones I answer. I hate to disappoint my fans, like that. But when you're as popular, as I am, it's inevitable.

Dear SuperFrog. My football couch says that you're a fictional character and therefore can't be real. What is your response to this?
Submitted by The2thFairy

Not real?!? Not real?!? I wonder what can be considered real in your football coach's unenlightened opinion! Not only do I have my own game, I've appeared in a couple of others and have my own section devoted to answering fan's questions! I may not have been seen out in public, much, but that's only because I have an acute hatred of having my photograph taken. That and the fact that I've spent many years pitching game ideas and such like to Team17 (with, sadly, little success). Anyway, as Descartes said - "Cogito Ergo Sum" - I think, therefore I am. And what more proof of my existence can there be?

[Edit by S-2k] Descartes? I always thought that was Popeye the Sailor Man...

Is it SuperFrog or SupperFrog?
Submitted by Anon

SuperFrog. Though now that you mention it, it's been a while since my last meal.

Are you a frog? Or are you a worm in disguise? These days, with all the cheap pay and terrible economy, frogs are hard and expensive to hire, so worms just dress up.
Submitted by Joetheeskimo

A worm? A WORM!?! Do I look like a Worm!?! I was busy making gaming history long before those aggravating annelids, and yet do I get the fame? Do I get the glory? Do I get the fancy limo or the spacious mansion? No! All I get is occasional voice-over work and interviews about my past! Do you know where I live? A bungalow in Manchester! Yes... you heard right! MANCHESTER! So, don't talk to me about worms, and in the name of all that is good and honest... DON'T call me a worm!

Just for the record - If a worm did try to dress up as me, I'd punch the sucker in the mouth.

- The One and Only SuperFrog (accept no imitations)

Why is the sky pink?
Submitted by Andy Holmes

The sky isn't pink. However, there are a number of reasons why you may believe the sky is pink. They run as follows:
  1. You're under the influence of some kind of illegal substance causing you to hallucinate and believe the sky is now pink.
  2. You're completely insane and thus, within your warped mind, the sky is pink.
  3. You've confused the word 'pink' with 'blue'. I recommend purchasing a dictionary from your local stationary shop.
  4. You have a problem with your eyes which makes it easy for you to confuse various colours. This is one such instance.
  5. The sky is actually pink where you live. This may be due to one of the following sub-reasons:
    1. a) You live in a very old 8-colour game where the games creator decided that a blue wasn't as essential as the other colours for their game and then had to make do with colouring the sky a hideous shade of pink.
    2. b) You live in some other fictional kingdom where pink sky is commonplace.
    3. c) It's the apocalypse. The sky is pink because it's about to start raining fire and brimstone.
Anyway, problem solved. And if none of the above theories are true then I expect you're just some kid trying to wind me up.

Submitted by X-Worm

Dear me, didn't you do any simple arithmetic at your school? A child of five could answer such a simple question. As for me, I'm above answering paltry maths queries. Buy yourself a calculator and begone from my sight...