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ISOs and Patches taken down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 20/02/07 5:08pm CET

The website was taken down by our new hosts. At first they told us that the ISOs and Worms patches were, in fact, illegal. Once we told them we had authorisation they then changed their tune and said that they contravene the Terms & Conditions of hosting. Which they do, if only because of the high demand for the files. Eep. Sadly we've had to take the ISOs and the Worms 3D/Worms 4 patches down.

So now we're going to start looking for (yet another) new host. We've had a couple of offers already, both are very good and we may well take them up. Apologies for the downtime and for the files we've had to remove, we'll try to get alternatives sorted out soonish.

Posted by Tomas at 22/02/07 2:19pm CET

:( I hope you get them back up again and thanks again for the support.

Posted by Jon at 24/02/07 9:29am CET

I'm sure you have - but have you looked at GoDaddy?
Their hosting lets you have lots of bandwidth per month

Posted by hmmm at 28/02/07 9:35am CET

Why not use peer 2 peer program like emule or something

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