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Domain problems and what the future may hold
Posted in Dream17 by worMatty at 12/05/10 7:51pm CEST

Hi, guys.

Unfortunately Ben hasn't been able to pay for the domain, so we have bought a new one, We are trying to get all links on external sites changed, and to get the domain back, though as of the 10th it seems to have been taken over by one of those search web sites. If we can't get it back, we may just have to accept this new domain, though we think it is actually a bit more relevant.

Aside from that, be assured that unlike some Worms and Amiga sites, Dream17 will always be available, I will make sure of that for as long as I am using the internet. That's why we were intent on fixing the problems we have had since January (that I only found out about a couple of weeks ago). I am a strong supporter of the Amiga and this site is part of that.

If you want to talk about the Amiga, head on over to and find their IRC details (Internet Relay Chat). I am usually idling in there. There is also a fan-made IRC channel for the Worms community, and you can find access details and a guide for that here.


Posted by Joel Nichols at 14/06/10 10:10am CEST

Great to see you guys are still alive. This site is awesome, seriously. I get nostalgic every time I come here.

Posted by SpeedoJoe at 18/07/10 3:53am CEST

Download links are still down.

Posted by FJP at 08/06/11 6:09am CEST

Its annoying how search engines sit on urls and charge extortionate prices if you want the URL. .info is fine glad to see the sites still up Smile good luck if you pursue getting back, bit surprised theres no cooling off period to stop this sort of domain name squatting behaviour?

Posted by FJP at 06/07/11 5:17pm CEST

The Submit Fan-Stuff still has address, just wanted to confirm thats ok to send you mail on or not?

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