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Lemmings Wallpaper
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

A nice if slightly minimalist Lemmings wallpaper has been added to our Wallpaper section:

Click to view

We will also be adding a PSP Wallpaper section at some point, so any thougths or preferences for Team17-themed wallpapers would be great.

Posted by Angelus at 17/08/06 10:36pm CEST

Did you actually posted this on january first, 1970?:shock:


Posted by SupSuper at 15/09/06 6:46pm CEST

It was an old bug before the PHP upgrade, the timestamp got reset if you edited a post.

Posted by w at 03/11/07 2:43pm CET


Posted by space0invader at 29/12/07 10:35am CET

lemmings came out in 1970 so yeah he could have added it then lol Confused??::-D

Posted by Alisa at 17/07/08 12:39am CEST

Hmmmm....Hey it looks like a lil lizzy!!!! *hugs the pic*:P

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