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WIN! Worms 3D for the Mac
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 05/01/08 3:09am CET

To celebrate the future arrival of the UA patches for the Mac version of Worms 3D, we've decided to give away a copy of the Mac version of the game. Generous of us, we know.

For a chance to win the game, simply answer the following insultingly easy question:

How many Worms games have been released to date, including expansions and spin-offs but NOT including mobile phone games?

Email me your answer. The competition closes in two weeks on January 18th.

Good luck! Oh, and don't forget to make sure the [at] symbol is right in the email address before you click "Send" Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by yauhui at 05/01/08 8:14am CET

err.. do we send to:

squirminator2k [at]


squirminator2k [at]


Posted by Squirminator2k at 05/01/08 7:23pm CET

You fairly obviously replace the [at] with the proper symbol.

Posted by Snipufin at 28/01/08 6:31pm CET

You mean like [at]? Razz

Posted by Doggista at 04/02/08 4:49pm CET

No, like this.

[at] replace with [at]!

PS: has the competition finished?

Posted by Doggista at 04/02/08 4:50pm CET

Yeah, replace the simple with [at]

Posted by Doggista at 04/02/08 4:50pm CET

Yeah, you see the a with the circle? replace it with that.

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