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Amiga, Amiga CD³², GameBoy, Jaguar, Macintosh, Megadrive/Genesis, PC CD, PC Floppy, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Worms combines the best elements from the very best games ever created. It requires great thought, strategy and elements of sheer outregeous fortune.

Featuring over 4 billion levels of unbeatable action and a spectacular 1 to 16 player gameplay."

Dream17 says...
The game that was the launching point of Team17's most successful franchise to date, Worms was Team17's first dip in the pool of multi-console format releases. While some versions, noteably the SNES and MegaDrive/Genesis versions, weren't quite up to the par with the PC, PlayStation and (arguably) Amiga versions of the game it was still a great experience - probably moreso for Team17 who won various awards for the game as well as making quite a bit of money.

The aim of the game is simple - control a team of 4 worms across randomly-created landscapes in turn-based battle with the enemy. There's a lot to this game that makes it a challenge, and a masterpiece of gameplay. And it can't be said better than that.

Posted by smith at 05/01/07 12:48pm CET


Posted by diablovt at 28/01/07 9:09pm CET

A very sophisticated game in my opinion. Truely splendid.:D:D.

Posted by tocky at 24/03/07 12:25pm CET

I love you Petra:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:

Posted by terrible at 10/12/07 10:12pm CET

puxi poke no lo dejan gratias ??

Posted by marius at 29/02/08 5:30pm CET

~misto~dar le vreau pe toate;-):twisted::roll::evil::cry::oops::mad::P:shock::shock::o:(:-D:-):(:shock::???::P:mad::cry::roll:

Posted by Matthew at 04/03/08 4:56pm CET

I really love 'Worms'. 100% Good Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by Boggy B at 12/10/13 6:16am CEST

Best game ever... Great memories of playing this online, or with my older brother and sister... Also one of my first games ever. Absolutely wonderful. I'm probably the biggest fan of the Worms series. Smile

I never played the original, but I have Worms Reinforcements. The one I played with my brother and sister or online is Worms 4: Mayhem. Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by theworm at 12/09/16 11:39pm CEST

boggy b you can get the snes room i played it is very cool Surprised or Shocked:o

Posted by theworm at 12/09/16 11:39pm CEST

boggy b you can get the snes room i played it is very cool Surprised or Shocked:o

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