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SuperFrog's not answering questions at the moment. He may again at sometime in the future. Why not ask him when he'll be running the Ask SuperFrog section of the site again.... oh, wait.

Posted in The corrupting influence of TV at 18/02/07 11:29pm CET

It's utterly insane, but I love it anyway. :-D

Also, I make a guest appearance, later this series. *SPOILER*Jack sees me in a vision after having a flashback about a time when he used to play my game with a friend of his. Naturally, the friend died and Jack never played the game again but vision-me helps him out with all his emotional issues and stuff.*SPOILER*

Of course, they may have cut that bit. You'd be surprised how often that happens to me (for example, I appeared in the new Battlestar Galactica's pilot episode as a magical creature that only Gaius Baltar could see but they replaced me with some blonde chick. disapointing, but somehow inevitable)

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Of Mice and Men
Posted in Books I've never read at 17/02/07 12:11am CET

I've never read this book. Mainly because it limits its discourse to the lives of small rodents and homo sapiens. Now if it was "Of Frog and Men" or "Of Frogs and more Frogs" then I might be interested. :P

That's the trouble with us frogs, we're under represented. If any of my loyal readers can point me in the direction of books where frogs feature heavily or any good frog passages in books, please let me know (either by e-mailing me, or preferably, in a reply to this post). Cheers! Smile

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Back from the Hack
Posted in My miserable life at 15/02/07 3:24pm CET

So, yes, I'm back. The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated and I am reborn once more unto this world to fill your hearts with superbloggy goodness. Cool

As you may remember, the reason for my blog's disappearance was the result of a rather pesky hacker. Anyway, apparently this dude (or dudette) thought it would be a good use of his or her time to mess up my blog. Rolling Eyes

Wrong! Firstly, a blog is not really much of a challenge. I mean, it's not like you're hacking into some highly complex security system. I mean, these things are all over the net. Surely any idiot with even moderate hacking abilities can crack them. Confused??:

Secondly, I don't really care. Team17 have already taken everything I care about (did I mention they turned me out on the street, last week?) and I can always write my recollections down on the back of cereal boxes if I need to remember anything. In fact, the only people you're depriving are the few people who actually read this thing. And glod only knows what their opinion is on the matter.

Anyway, in case you get bored and want to hack into somewhere else - try hacking into the White House or Parliament or MI5 or whatever. If you succeed, they'll probably set about hiring you to work on securing their systems against hackers like you! Now, isn't that nice of them? Wink

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Kermit the Frog
Posted in The corrupting influence of TV at 10/02/07 12:59am CET

He's no frog! He's a puppet! :o

True story. Smile

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