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rar Neo Come Home
RAR, 7.5 MB
Emil Thorbjörnsson created this Alien Breed-alike over the space of one week for a project of some sort. Similar to the aforementioned game, it's set (sort-of) in the world of The Matrix, with you controlling Neo as he transverses three levels... outwitting Agents and those ghostly guys from the second one. Not bad.
zip Worms Forts Under Siege Launcher
ZIP, 74.7 kB
This Launcher, created by
zip Worms Armageddon Cursor Pack
ZIP, 11.6 kB
This is a cursor pack for Windows based on the Worms Armageddon cursors, made by SupSuper.
zip Worms Desktop Icons
ZIP, 3.23 kB
Desktop icons for Worms, Worms:DC and Worms 2, made by Bonz.

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