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Worms: The Director's Cut
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AGA Amiga
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"From the team that brought you the award-winning Worms, comes Worms The Directors Cut.

Featuring 300+ colours onscreen, unique Graffiti mode to paint your own levels, 15 new weapons, improved sample sets and other extras."

Dream17 says...
An extremely rare game to come across these days - this version of Worms, produced only for AGA Amigas as a "Goodbye and thank you" from both Team17 and Andy Davidson - sold only 5,000 copies worldwide. Don't take that as a sign of a poor game, however. This is arguably the greatest version of Worms ever to exist, and most certainly the definitive version of the first generation of Worms games. The birthplace of a lot of features current wormers take for granted, too - backward and vertical jumps, using weapons in mid-air, and Tarzanning (what is now known in the Worms community as Roping). I don't even need to mention the new weapons or how customisable the game has become.

The graphics were vastly superior to the original Amiga Worms - it may not seem a lot but there were 300+ colours on the screen for this particular Worms game, as opposed to the rather tiny 64 colours seen in the Amiga version of the original.

Posted by buggy b at 17/06/06 11:33pm CEST

best worms ever! Razz Very Happy or Laughing Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by Nickman at 15/12/06 1:15pm CET

THE version of worms.
Love this game. I'm one of those 5000 that bought it Smile

I just wish the never released network enable/grafics update would be released.

Posted by dan at 01/01/07 1:34pm CET

i bought this! still play it too!

Posted by solid worm at 05/01/07 9:22pm CET

someone know where to get it?:cry:

Posted by Shirdel at 14/04/07 4:08pm CEST

Only avalibale by download I guess Amiga only or possiby can be downloaded for the PC Smile

Posted by Tiigon at 09/01/08 2:39pm CET

This game rocks! I finally managed to run it on WinUAE and I'm very very happy I did it Very Happy or Laughing Time to face my friend in a match! Razz

Posted by krater at 11/03/08 12:43pm CET

i wonder that its so few , but i'm one of the 5000 Smile))

Posted by billworm at 20/08/08 1:15pm CEST

yeah yeah, weren't that days? Wink I'm one of those 5000, too Smile I would love to play THIS game on x85 - it's so special, sympathic grafic ... Worms 4D is very nice, but that original Worms rocks, and MUST HAVE network support. That would be REAL fun Smile)

Posted by billworm at 20/08/08 1:16pm CEST

lol ... x85 Very Happy or Laughing someone found that? Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by RT at 06/08/09 2:21pm CEST

Normally play Worms+ through DosBOX

Got Worms DC working in UAE.....

I cant switch worms any more... did they drop this from the game Sad

Posted by Amigan at 26/10/09 9:44am CET

Wow only 5000 copies?

Not sure how my cousin ended up with one then Razz

Posted by SvenEvil at 11/02/12 2:29am CET

Only 5.000? Even I have a mint boxed version here in Vienna... and never regretted buying it, too.

Posted by SvenOf9 at 20/01/13 10:49am CET

Another of the 5000 here and I was working at EB Wolverhampton when it came out and sold another 10 at least there Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by Boggy B at 16/12/13 7:41am CET

Such a great game. It's too bad I don't have it. Out of all the Worms games I don't have, this is probably the best and the one I want most. Smile

Posted by RMaster007 at 07/07/16 12:33pm CEST

Can't get any of my Amiga emulators to run it... even the online Amiga emulator.:x

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