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Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy
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DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.

AGA Amiga, PC CD
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"The year is 2099: the Governor of Union City has become the target of a series of terrorists attacks. Summoned by him to honour an old debt, you must embark on an epic graphic adventure to infiltrate this subverse organisation and sabotage their operations.

Featuring over 80 locations complete with interactive pick-ups and fully-animated backgrounds."

Dream17 says...
This is a rather bizarre point-and-click adventure game starring tough, bald Joshua Reev. Described as a "cyberpunk" adventure, Nightlong is set in a bleak vision of the future, where Josh starts off trying to find out about some terrorists, but soon gets drawn into a more complex plot which has more than a few twists in it.

That being said, players expecting something up to the standard of Beneath A Steel Sky (which Nightlong tips its hat to more than a few times) or Monkey Island will be disappointed. Some of the puzzles here are ridiculously easy, and some are ridiculously hard - there's no in-between. Furthermore, the over-abundance of stereotyped characters (with the exception of Josh, who is well-developed) make for laughs, rather than intrigue. Still, this is a game that will keep you hooked for hours at a time. Not up to Team17's usual standard, but a good addition to any game library nonetheless.

The game was later ported to the Amiga by ClickBOOM, and has the distinction of being the last Amiga title that Team 17 had a hand in.

Posted by calicoleopard at 12/12/07 8:56pm CET

Enjoying the game till!?!?!? I am unable to get to the "Sphinx", the game blacks out & throws me to the Desktop. Have been unable to find a patch for this Bug. Please help. Thanks in advance.:???:

Posted by DMSS at 20/12/07 9:50pm CET

Same problem! Mad or Evil

Posted by Philip Woodiwiss at 26/12/07 9:52pm CET

Thank God it's not just me who has that problem. Bought the last ever copy direct from Team 17 not too long ago and started playing it up till the point where I try to get to the Sphinx where it blacks out and exits to desktop.:(

Posted by Pooka at 30/12/07 1:37pm CET

Yup, same problem. Even though the Windows XP Patch works, I think it's XP that has the problem. It works fine on 95.

Posted by Dean at 09/03/08 12:33pm CET

There is a solution for the game "Nightlong UCC" for Win XP without using the "nlpatch.exe". Just find the application "nl.exe" select properties for that file and set compatibility to "Windows 98 / Windows ME". Apply that to file. Start the game and go to the Sphynx room and it will show up. It worked for me though! Have Fun!

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