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Arcade Pool II
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MicroProse Software, Inc.

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The Team17 Softography Says...
"The sequel to the most realistic pool game ever. Easy to pick up and fun to play, shoot your way through a tournament or take a shot at Arcade Challenge.

Challenge your opponent, chalk up your cue and experience the thrill of making the break and walking away a winner."

Dream17 says...
While this game doesn't look at professional as other Team17 titles (possibly why it was released as a budget title straight away rather than as a full title in it's own right) it is still good fun. It certainly looks a lot slicker than the original, with high resolution graphics (well, 640x480, which is now called "modern retro" by most gamers) and great sound including two optional atmospheric backgrounds (Pool hall or Pub), and the ability to play your own music CD during play. There are now more Player Slots meaning you can have more peoples Stats stored on the game, but as before the Computer Players are very, very tricky to get past and you'd have to be the next Whatever The Pool Genius' Name Is in order to get past them. But it's still fun to play, and it doesn't even need the CD to run, meaning you can install it on multiple PCs and play across a LAN. Great stuff, brilliant simplistic fun.

Posted by Joe Dillamore at 28/07/06 10:08pm CEST

:evil::evil::evil::evil:Although this game provides great graphics and simulation, when playing against computer players, they play to many unrealistic shots which are impossible for the player to do. These "excellent" shots mean it is quite boring watching the computer play while you just sit and watch. With decent computer players, they are mear to impossible to beat. Sorry, not good.

Posted by dean mcaleese at 12/10/06 2:19pm CEST

the game is legendary!!!:)

Posted by Ian Dobson at 20/03/07 4:46pm CET

I don't like this game, I much prefer that playstation game where you build robots for hours on your own!

Posted by Niall Wilson at 22/12/08 11:52am CET

Not a bad game, but barely possible to actually score any of the shots, if your not so great at the game or pool the computer players will easily wipe the floor with you.

Always was fun in multiplayer though.

Posted by A Dixon at 25/04/09 4:38pm CEST

This is the best pool game ever, I play it so much that I needed to alter all the computer players (Hex editor) to the hardest level and even then I can still win! The game does lack in the number of tournaments and there is not a career mode, but I have played many other pool games and this is very realistic but like anything it takes time to get good. I wish they could have brought out Arcade III


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