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Psionic Systems

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The Team17 Softography Says...
"You are the Assassin, a highly skilled, super athletic hit-man. Armed with a powerful arm-mounted gun, you have been given the job of infiltrating the vast subterranean base which the arch villain Midan has made his own.

Featuring super smooth scrolling spanning over a thousand screens of arcade action."

Dream17 says...
I spent a while playing this game and it put me in mind of a lot of Mega Drive/Genesis-era platform games. Technically superb, but unfortunately the game doesn't play quite as well as it looks. This is one of those platform games that require you to pull off pixel-perfect jumps lest you fall into a spikey deathtrap. It's also one of those games that require you to tap frantically at the fire button to get a dog to stop biting you.


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Posted by diablo vt at 24/09/06 3:18pm CEST

I totally agree with that stupid dog.:).:x.

Posted by Scuola di cinema at 05/02/07 2:51am CET

Well it was good, but some levels were TOO big!

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