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Stunt GP
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Eon Digital Entertainment

PC CD, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Stunt GP is an exhilarating single or multi-player racing game set in the world of high speed, radio-controlled stunt cars. Accelerate, skid, jump, and burn your way around loops, ramps, corkscrews, spirals, and other obstacles while battling with opponents for victory. By collecting 'Aeromile' rewards for daring stunts, players can increase their cash-flow and upgrade their car on the way to radio-controlled car heaven.

Sporting exclusively branded racing cars, over 24 race tracks and a fantastic, utterly dynamic physics engine, Stunt GP is a real eye opener! For racing and stunt action, no other title comes close to the exhilaration and sheer playability SGP offers.

Once in the world of make-believe branded RC cars, take part in organised or driven for fun tournaments, challenges and time trials. From crazy, stunt-laden tracks featuring mad cross-overs and loop the loops, to the energy charging pit bridge, unique environments and solid looking vehicles, Stunt GP is the most exciting racing/driving experience for years!"

Dream17 says...
No information available.

Posted by Vilmantas at 21/05/06 2:42pm CEST


Posted by Sejer at 25/12/08 10:41pm CET


Posted by Terramax at 24/09/11 6:49pm CEST

I own this on the Dreamcast. Of all the games that had such great potential, this is the game.

Stunt GP is very much loved in my house. HOWEVER, there is serious slowdown when played 2-4 players. So much so that, when played 3 or 4 players, only about 4 tracks are available.

To me, this is not acceptable. Stunt GP is the kind of game that was built for multiplayer, so to have must of the circuits cut out, and the slow down so bad it's hard to steer or get the feeling of real speed, is a real let down.

Other racers like Lemans work fine 4 players with no slow down at all, so I can't understand why this is the case.

Please Team 17, if you're reading this, consider releasing an updated version for, say, the wii or XBLA, with sharper graphics and a perfect split screen mode.

Posted by Midori at 27/10/20 7:48pm CET

Lol I tried to post this
I own the polish Windows version, and there are no such problems with multiplayer (given it runs on a computer that's not a complete toaster, which is not an issue these days). My guess is that SGP wasn't optimised for DC specifically and porting it to that console might have been sort of an afterthought aside of Windows and PS2 releases.

Either way it's a lovely little RC racing game, I always cherished it.

Posted by Halamix2 at 27/10/20 8:02pm CET

Well, DC was slower than PS2 or PCs at the time.

On new computers this game also gets slowdowns, but mainly because DirectX 6 on Windows 10 is not completely hardware accelerated. Using Glide version with nGlide installed however should always grant you vsync speed

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