Euro Manager 96
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Team17 / RW Software

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The Team17 Softography Says...
Blow the whistle on other soccer management sims with this fantastic new game from Team17.

Euromanager allows you to compete with hundreds of teams from 16 European countries in their leagues and cups.

To guide the destiny of your team in this realistic football management simulation, you can manage your coaching staff and physio, decide the tactics and strategies of your players and administer the clubs finances.

Thanks to its complex management formula, which incorporates all important factors, Euromanager offers a realism never seen before on a computer. With cups and leagues running simultaneously, all the teams histories are updated in realtime. The immersive and atmospheric environment, is so realistic, you'll be screaming, shouting and generally hurling obscenities at the opposition!

Dream17 says...
Little is known about this particular development. Based on this archived page, Team17 were looking for information to assist the development of this game. Perhaps the failure to obtain this information is what resulted in its shelved development...

Martyn Brown posted some information regarding cancelled and unfinished titles on his blog on March 30th, 2007, and had this to say about this unfinished title:

"A football management game we began (I think) in 1994 and rolled on until it's demise in 1996. We bit off more than we could chew and again, it was finding it difficult living in the same space as Worms (competing for quality time) as well as being guilty of some glaring omissions code wise."

Credit goes to Bonz for pointing us in the direction of this title in 2006.

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