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The Team17 Softography Says...
"After the vile sorceror, Hexaa, had tortured your beloved partner to near death, you awake the magic of your grandfather's talisman to summon the forces of light to help you defeat the sorceror.

Featuring 5 fantastic worlds with simultaneous two player action!"

Dream17 says...
This Project-X-alike was published by Team17 in the UK but was developed by Kaiko and shares a couple of similarities with Team17's own shoot 'em up - perhaps coincidentally, Apidya's original, full-price release (published by Play Byte) came at the same time Team17 released Project-X.

Perhaps unlike Project-X/em>, it's actually possible to complete Apidya without needing to ask your grandchildren to finish your game should you die at the controller aged 97. However it would be more accurate to say that Apidya is an imitation of the Gradius series produced by Konami.

Posted by Heinz at 04/05/06 9:38am CEST

Great Game

Posted by cubex55 at 30/07/06 1:02pm CEST

Very good game indeed Very Happy or Laughing

Here is a walkthrough video in avi format.

Posted by krensauce at 01/11/06 6:14pm CET

One of the best games for Amiga. This game has everything you wish: very nice graphics, a great soundtrack made by Chris Hulsbeck (one of his best in my opinion), very good gameplay. It all looks like an arcade game, with an intro and an outro, big bosses and alot of things moving at the same time, tons of powerups. I must say that this game is maybe the most perfect I've ever seen on Amiga.
Project-X was a poor game compared to this, it was based on the dated "wave" concept, where you always face enemies of the same kind. It was too hard and boring for me.

I can confirm that the development team was KAIKO, although I don't know if they did more than this game under that name. They tried to make it sound japanese, and to make the game look like a japanese game. I must say that they accomplished their goal.

Posted by Scuola di cinema at 05/02/07 2:52am CET

Best amiga shooter ever!

Posted by Spidey at 02/04/07 11:54pm CEST

The APIDYA team (called Kaiko this time), was formed by:

Chris Hülsbeck as the sensational musician, Frank Matzke with the graphics (Turrican 3, Super Turrican 1 and 2, Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures, ) and the code by Peter Thierolf (Turrican 3, Mr Nutz, Legend of Kay).

As you can see, is as a Factor 5 game Wink

Posted by mymoon at 27/01/14 2:49pm CET

I spent the whole day whistling the music for the first level. Very good shoot'em up! they dont make it like this anymore...:roll:

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