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World Rally Fever
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"World Rally Fever captures all the fun and playability of the best arcade games. It combines incredibly fast graphics with furious driving action which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Featuring a host of cool anime characters to select from and sixteen taxing stages set in ten exciting locations."

Dream17 says...
This is an odd yet fun racing game. You've got a bunch of championships of varying difficulties going through different cities around the world, and you have to race through them, beating the computer players.

The odd part here is that, this is sort of a "manga racing game". First you get to pick your character, from a bunch of guys, girls... monsters. I'm not sure if this actually affects gameplay or just changes the head of the driver in the car. Second, and oddest of all, sometimes there's barriers in the middle of the race, and to get past them you have to jump. That's right, there's a button to make your car simply jump. It's weird. And yet, it's fun.

- SupSuper

Posted by bfgbv at 10/02/07 11:04pm CET


Posted by davv at 09/03/10 6:32pm CET

my fav game when i was a kid.

i wish i could play it again

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