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Witchwood Tech Demo

Witchwood Tech Demo

2.09 MB (ZIP)

An early tech demo of Witchwood for DOS discovered by Hallfiry. There's not much to it but it gives you an idea of the graphics and gameplay they were going for.

There is no sound.
Using Demo.bat or RUNWITCH.BAT will play 3 gameplay recordings.
The arrow keys move the character, but only for debug purpose.
Correct movement:
Up: A
Down: Y (maybe Z)
Right: P
Left: O
Inventory: I (Use A,Y,P,O to navigate)
Cancel: ESC
Swing Sword/Interact: Space
W: Test message
Tab: "Command Entry Station" (Teleport and Variable manipulation)

Pressing F4 followed by F2 calls a map of the current location.
F8 pauses the game, F9 unpauses it.
F6 draws a debug grid,
F7 draws Z-indices(?) above enviroment sprites (trees, etc.)
F5 calls a sprite viewer, F6 switches the sprites.
F3 closes F-menus.