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Team17 back in the publishing business
Posted in Team17 Company News by SupSuper at 16/11/13 2:45pm CET

If you've thumbed through the Softography+, you've noticed a lot of titles with another developer's title on them. Back in the Amiga days Team17 didn't develop everything themselves, they often acted as a publisher for other parties to help them out with their success on the platform. However once the Amiga died out, they went back to being just another developer maintaining a presence on the PC with the help of other publishers.

Fast-forward to now, when thanks to digital distribution Team17 is back to being their own man, and now they've decided it's time to return to the publishing business as well. The first title under their mantle is Light, an indie stealth infiltration game currently making its rounds through Greenlight. We'll be featuring these titles here just like any other Team17 game.

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Team17 official Facebook community
Posted in Team17 Company News by Bonz at 27/02/09 9:17am CET

Team17 have recently set up a Facebook community to provide exclusive news and content for the fans and to create something different than classic corporate websites. Spadge has announced it in this forum post.

The best thing for Team17 fans is, that they now have a new source for pictures of Teamsters demonstrating their favourite pasture: drinking beer at the pub.

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Team 17 31st most successful company in the world
Posted in Team17 Company News by Squirminator2k at 05/04/07 6:25pm CEST

According to Develop100, Team 17 are the 31st most successful videogame developer in the world. Martyn Brown says, "that puts us (by my reckoning) in the top 10 independent (i.e. not publisher owned) studios in the world... and 5th top indy in the UK."

Well done Team 17!

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