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Worms Open Warfare 2
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Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
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The Team17 Softography Says...
Retaining the classic 2D gameplay, cheeky humor and clever mix of action and strategy from Worms: Open Warfare, Worms: Open Warfare 2 takes gaming on the move to the next level by bringing the battle online. Test your skills and fight it out with other Worms fiends from anywhere around the world. With all new single player and multi player modes, weapons, scenarios, and unprecedented customization options for your worms, Worms: Open Warfare 2 is the most comprehensive Worms title yet.

Dream17 says...
Previously planned for a Summer release, delays have pushed it back to September at the earliest.

This time, Team 17 have charged Holland developers Two Tribes, who previously developed the brilliant N-Gage port of Worms World Party, with the task of developing the DS version. Development of the DS version of Worms Open Warfare had been outsourced to Gamesauce, who produced a shoddy product that never should have seen a retail release. It won't be difficult to surpass that benchmark, really, and considering how good the N-Gage version of WWP was, it's bound to impress.

Features include:

Posted by Robowurmz at 22/04/07 8:52am CEST


Posted by Wof at 12/05/07 7:39pm CEST

This sounds hawt.

Posted by GonZomby at 16/05/07 2:06am CEST

I thought the release date wasn't confirmed yet?

Posted by Squirminator2k at 18/05/07 8:44pm CEST

The release date has been confirmed for a while now.

Posted by Eigiot at 06/07/07 11:13pm CEST

That sounds like an awsome game can't wait for it to come out.:-D

Posted by HUNTER at 10/09/07 3:48am CEST

great game no doubt, i wonder where is andy davidson (worms creator) right now??? because i'm sure he's not in the swimming pool full of money that team 17 has thanks to worms, and considering that team 17 has not done anything else for the past years but to sell worms again and again well, andy should be team 17 owner. because without worms right now there'll be no team 17 anymore.

Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by arcticworm at 18/03/08 3:16pm CET

I have to get Worms Open Warfare 2. I have to.

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